The Rover Brochures 1887 through 1954


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You are looking at fascimiles from a collection of (primarily) brochures about Rover Bicycles, Motor cycles and Automobiles. This collection encompasses the years 1887 through 1954 (for the automobiles the first 50 years).

The original brochures were in the possesion of Harry Hilgerdenaar, who among others qualifications was an ardent collector of all things Rover.

He was also one of the founding members of the Rover Owner's Club Holland and longtime member of the RSR.

These scans were gifted to the RSR by Harry and we are proud to make them available to celebrate his memory. The presentation was conceived in honor of 100 years of Rover Cars and was done in A.D. 2004

Moving with your mouse over the image should result in your mouse-icon should change from an arrow to a hand (that is if you use the standard mouse-icons). Clicking once will result in a larger picture, enabling you to read the text, while not fitting all of the picture on the screen.

In memory of Harry Hilgerdenaar (collector of all things Rover),
and with recognition to Piet Zuidervaart (technical producer) who first made these scans available in CD-ROM format.

Please note,these have been made available to members of the RSR, if any member woud like to contibute further material to extend this collection, please let us know.